Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are harmless skin conditions experienced by millions of people worldwide. It simply means that the skin is stretched beyond its capacity so the tissues on the dermis or the middle layer of the skin are damaged. While experts claim that it is not dangerous to the health, it can trigger emotional problem to some people who cannot accept that they got those unsightly marks on their body. People can experience anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and even psychological problem because of the noticeable skin discoloration and indentations. Because of this, experts in the medical are non-stop in developing solutions to stretch marks. Today, plenty of creams, lotions, oils, and other types of skin products are available. However, laser treatment for stretch marks is also available and even revolutionized to provide a more noticeable result.

How Laser Treatment Can Diminish Stretch Marks

This procedure got its name from the laser, the technology that uses a concentrated beam of light. In the process of the removing the scars, the beam of light is used to destroy, burn, cut, or remove the layers of the damaged skin tissues on the surrounding area. After the treatment is complete, it will now heal and form new layers of healthy tissues that will give your skin a new appearance.

All methods that use this kind of technology are called laser treatments but there are in fact different types of laser actions. For example, there is pulsed dye laser treatment and the excimer laser. They differ in the process on how they encourage area to produce new healthy tissues. Some are known to burn the damaged skin while other process only disrupt the molecular bonds present in the tissue to induce the production of new ones. After that, it is all thanks to the natural healing process of your body to take care of rebuilding the damaged tissues by replacing it with elastin and collagen-rich new tissues.

Determine What Kind Of Laser Technology You Should Opt For

Since there are different light technology processes available, it is a bit hard to decide for yourself which one you should choose. Well, the thing is you should not decide for it by yourself because you need an expert to explain to you in details the procedure. Instead of diagnosing yourself, schedule a consultation with a clinic that offers laser treatment for stretch marks. Some procedures are only meant for people with a light complexion so ask for an expert’s advice regarding your condition if your case is otherwise. During the consultation, do not hesitate to ask questions and clarifications until the healing process to make sure that you are on track with everything.

Finding a reputable medical facility that has laser technology is where your personal decision will come in. Do a research on the clinics that are available and see the type of treatments that they offer. Do they have a comprehensive list of methods or are their procedures limited to some cases only? Check also of they have licensed practitioners as a simple mistake in the process could lead to deep scarring in your place.

Laser treatment for stretch marks is proven effective, but you should get a doctor’s advice on what is the best procedure suited for your condition to get the best result. In addition, one session may not be enough, and it would probably take a few visits before you can achieve your desired result. With this said, opting for a light technology means that you could see real results faster, but it will also be more expensive compared to applying creams and lotions.

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