Keep Those Unsightly Marks Away: Know What Causes Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks mean that the middle layer of the skin suffers from a tear because of different factors. While the condition is not dangerous to the health, people, both men and women, are seeking ways on how to eliminate it because of the annoying marks it causes. Contrary to the common notion that pregnant women are the victim of these unsightly marks, even men and teenage girls can suffer from having the scars on their dermis, the middle layer of the skin. What causes stretch marks may vary depending on your condition. 

The Different Causes of Stretch Marks

Most women suffer from having marks on their tummy area especially when they are in the sixth-month or more of their pregnancy. It is said that around 8 for every 10 pregnant women are affected by it. During pregnancy, a woman’s body adjusts to prepare for the time of the child delivery. In the process, hormones are produced that makes the ligaments in the pelvis area softer making it more flexible and offering more space for the child when the time of birth comes. Strong bands of tissues called the ligaments connect the joints. This process however also affects the fibers of the skin that makes pregnant women more prone to having the marks as their belly grows bigger and the skin is stretched further. The same thing happens to breasts, as it grows fuller in preparation to lactate. Other parts of the body, like the thighs and arms, may also be affected as they tend to have more fats deposited causing the skin to stretch more than it can handle.

Rapid growth is what causes stretch marks in some cases; thus, even boys and girls during the puberty stage may have tear in the middle layer of their skin. Girls, whether they are skinny or not, may start developing contour in their body where thighs are the primary target for fat deposits. As the fibers in this area are not used to being extended, the tissues in the dermis is scarred which now appear as the outer skin discoloration. The same happens to the upper arms and shoulders of boys who are on the adolescent stage.

Those who managed to escape having the unsightly marks during puberty are not yet safe from it, as sudden weight loss or weight gain could also be the reason for it. This is why athletes and body builders who suddenly boost their muscles may observe stretch marks on the different parts of their body. The same thing happens to people who lost a lot weight in a short time.

On the other hand, certain medications could also cause the scarring of the middle layer of the skin. It is observed in people who are taking corticosteroids that help in easing the inflammations caused by different skin conditions such as eczema. While it is a good thing that corticosteroids can treat your skin problem, it is a bad news that it decreases that amount of collagen present in the skin. Collagen is a type of protein that is responsible in maintaining the stretch ability of your skin thus; lesser collagen means less stretchable skin.

The Solutions

What causes stretch marks may vary in every person, but this is not a thing to worry as plenty of solutions are available. You can opt for home remedies like applying sugar, aloe vera, olive oil, or egg whites on the affected areas. On the other hand, if you prefer a mess-free option, there are manufactured creams and lotions that are marketed online. Like the natural remedies, you also need to apply them to the areas with stretch marks.

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